Forced inclusion of minorities in stories

Forced inclusion of minorities in stories

Is it really better to cater to a minority, rather than let them appear in a story as an organic character?

Personally, I am a Walking Dead fan.  I am even doing a weekly review on the new season, I love it so much.  But recently the show has attracted some controversy because of a decision that the writers made to change certain characters when adopting the series from comic book to television format. 

One person in particular was putting up quite a fuss because two of the characters that appeared in last week’s episode were, in the comic, gay.  Well, to be more precise, one was the prison bitch of the other.  When writing the television version, however, this sexual trait was omitted.  The blog-person is crying foul, saying that those in charge of the show are insensitive to the LGBT population.

If you haven’t seen the episode, it basically goes like this:  The main group of survivors is taking over a prison.  While clearing it out of zombies, they run into five prisoners that have been stuck there for the last 10 months.  The leader of the criminal group has a prison bitch.  This information is expressed in the comic, but not in the show.  Neither of these characters has more than 20 minutes of screen time before they are both brutally killed.

Now how are the writers supposed to approach the subject of their sexuality in 20 minutes, most of that time filled with zombie-killing action?  And what would be the point since they’re just going to die off anyways?

To mention the fact that they happen to be gay lovers seems like a pointless waste of time.  Worse yet, it feels like it would be pandering.  If the executives in charge decided to leave this small fact in, it would be more akin to pointing them out and saying “Hey, look LGBT crowd who watch our show!  Those are gay people!”  And then boom, they’re dead.  I have to wonder if people would have complained more if they would have been left in, instead choosing to bitch about the only two “gay” characters being slaughtered so fast.

In the end, it’s just idiotic for people to be raving about such a small thing.  The needs of the show prevail when it comes to writing decisions.  It’s not like a major character was blatantly switched to hetero because someone didn’t want gay people to be in the show.  In fact, there are two other characters that show up later that do happen to be gay, and I’m guessing those two will be left in simply because they play a bigger role in the story.

People need to chill and figure out which battles are actually worth fighting.  If you’re gonna bitch about something like this, you only undermine the credibility of the LGBT community when they decide to fight for something that is actually important.  So please shut up and sit down and stop harassing the writers because they made a decision for the sake of a 42-minute time frame.  Don’t ask them to shoehorn in some sort of “token gay guy” so you can feel better about yourself