Why “Isms” Hamper the Potential of Humanity

Why “Isms” Hamper the Potential of Humanity

If you ask most people, directly to their faces, if they are racist, sexist or otherwise prejudiced against a particular group or belief, they will almost exclusively claim that, even if they hold certain “views” that those views hold no sway over their conscious mind.  The truth of the matter is, in my opinion, that everyone is predisposed in certain directions and that the “isms” inevitably surface in one way or another and affect the way that they think.

If you ask people about why such things as racism, sexism, etc. are bad, the answers are many and varied.  “It’s not right to treat someone different based on the way they are” seems to be a popular go-to.  But most people don’t think of it at the base level – practically and pragmatically.

The truth of the matter is that the “isms” hurt us simply because they hamper evolution.  Not just on a social level, preventing the flourishing of new ideas and combinations of thoughts, but also on the level of physical evolution.  Plain and simple, the biological progress of man via evolution comes from the mixing of the strongest genes to create a bigger and better

class of human.  Thus, making babies across the scheme of race and regional origins is important to developing the human biological make-up in the long run.

Those who hold on to the old views that some sort of racial or social purity is the key to a strong society and a unified people are reasoning with outdated, false knowledge.  Science has shown that insular genetic communities have more problems than diversified ones.  The same can be said of social and religious beliefs and even gender-orientation.  To suppress a type of thought means to discount the potential for greatness that it could generate on account of its very strength –uniqueness.

Hopefully, people will open their eyes at some point in the near future and realize that the only way we’re truly going to achieve our greatest potential as a species is to encourage as much mingling of genes and ideas as possible.  From the antiquated, stale paradigms will emerge the new, fresh ideas, free of past prejudices and expectations.  Only when the old, ignorant guard finally throws down its arms and surrenders will the world be able to move forward as it truly can.