Body Modification For a Better Tomorrow

Body Modification For a Better Tomorrow

People, especially the older ones, like to bitch about the way that others decorate their bodies.  Whether it be the social stigma that revolves around piercings and tattoos, or the feminist attacks on women who have breast implants, there always seems to be someone who wants to be in control of the way people perceive and change themselves.  Personally, I say if we have the technology, then build the better you!

Admittedly, things like tattoos and piercings have gained quite a bit of ground in recent years, even to the point where it’s not uncommon to walk into a standard place of business and see some highly-decorated individual behind the counter.  More elaborate changes, however, still undergo plenty of persecution.

Though much less common, people are electing to get things done such as ear clipping to

 gain an “Elvish” look, sub-dermal implants to raise their skin in ridged patterns and screws in their skulls for the placement of decorative horns and the like.  While these may seem extreme to some, they’re not much different from any other form of body modification that people do.

On the more subtle side, breast implants have given rise to muscle enlargements, penis implants and all sorts of other aesthetic surgeries.  These are less visible and thus less subject to persecution unless the individual in question happens to mention what they had done.

I say, be happy with who you are, and if that means making some changes so that the outside matches the inside, go for it.  People on the outside of these trends need to pay 

attention to their own business and stop worrying about whether one particular type of body modification is “too much.”

Eventually, I am hoping for a time where every part of a person is changeable.  Imagine what the world would look like if everyone had the chance to be completely unlike anyone else.  How can something like racism prevail when any white-boy on the street can alter his skin color with a simple treatment to be any color he wants?  The only thing that people will care about when it comes to the way someone looks will be where they happened to get their mods done and how much they cost.