Corporate Pop

Corporate Pop

Brainwashing for Pre-Teens

Manufactured corporate pseudo-music and the shows that encourage pre-teen girls to think “coolness” is defined by vapid celebrities singing meaningless lyrics over a catchy pop beat- this is one of my greatest and most enduring hatreds.

I used a “Hannah Montana” logo to illustrate the concept, but I'm not really hating on Miley Cyrus. I have nothing against her, she's just a person whose dad happened to be famous enough so that they picked her for this role. Based on her video in support of the Occupy movement she seems to have good intentions.


But the show is what it is, and it's just one of many examples of the entertainment industry's cynicism and soullessness. Kids are encouraged to worship celebrity and the narcissistic daydream of being a “star.” Making beautiful music or even just fun music has nothing to do with it, because the music itself is beside the point. The point is for everyone to pay attention to you and admire you no matter what you have to do to get their attention. That's an incredibly destructive message to send, and no one suffers from it more than the few who actually achieve that dream- just look at Brittany Spears.


To anyone who really loves and values music, creating music without any real emotion or thought behind it feels almost criminal. It grates on the spirit every time you're exposed to such non-music, not because it doesn't have any of the qualities of actual music but because it uses those qualities without any content. Worst of all, it does so as part of a relentless propaganda machine, designed to encourage young people to be materialistic, apathetic and ignorant.