Woman Throws Cats into River

Woman Throws Cats into River

What the hell is wrong with people?


I recently came across a bit of news that pissed me off to no end.  Some Persian cat breeder in the city of Springfield, Oregon was busted for stuffing two of her cats into a bag and throwing them into the river to drown.  Luckily, the bag caught on a tree branch and some city workers were able to find and rescue them.  But despite the fact that the cats came out unharmed, I have to wonder at what kind of person you have to be to think it’s okay to drown an animal?

It’s not even like kicking them out of the house, abandoning them to live on the streets.  Although less than savory, at least they have a chance on their own, no matter how pampered they were in their domestic life.  But to breed an animal (which is in-and-of-itself a screwed up thing, giving them horrible genes that make them prone to sickness) and then toss it into the river when it’s no longer wanted?

Unfortunately, the news articles I looked at didn’t say anything about why the woman decided to do this.  What was her excuse for killing, in a very cruel way, a couple of cats that were guilty of nothing other than being under her care?  She’s a breeder, so maybe these animals were defective in some way?  Perhaps they had bad attitudes that made them unsalable and thus unprofitable?  Or maybe she just decided that she had too many and that drowning a few wasn’t going to hurt anyone?

Whatever her reasons, it’s complete crap.  If you can’t take responsibility for something that you’ve brought into the world and then put into a position where it has to rely on you, you should avoid getting involved in that responsibility.  This sort of behavior is nothing short of borderline sociopathic.  I wonder what said lady would have done if she had too many children.  Would they have ended up in the river as well?  Or perhaps a nice, cozy dumpster?

What makes it personal for me is that I’ve seen similar things during my time volunteering for the humane society.  People get animals and then later decide they don’t want them, so they bring them to the pound to be adopted or, as is more common, put to sleep.  A lot of times this has little to do with their ability to care for the animal and more to do with the fact that the critter was cute and tiny as a baby but since it’s grown up they find it to be more of a pain in their ass.  Fkn’ people.

Human beings need to stop looking at animals as disposable things and stop acting like children when it comes to taking care of them.  Actually, children are usually better at that responsibility and more loving than adults are, so I guess that statement is wrong.  Every time I hear about someone doing something like this, it just reminds me of how many lazy, self-centered idiots there are in the world.  No wonder crap’s so messed up.  How are people supposed to care for their fellow human beings if they can’t even figure out how to care for a pet?