When the one you want is not within your reach


Finding someone you connect with in this world is hard enough without complications.  It used to be that the one you would marry (and eventually grow to love) was some lady that was arranged for you by your parents.  Things were simpler then, if not necessarily romantic.  As the world developed and different people came closer together, this changed.  Transportation got quicker and more efficient, communication became more and more instantaneous and the people of Earth are now able to meet from the comfort of their living rooms via the Internet.  Which leads me to the point of this post - what does one do when they meet someone they like that happens to be thousands of miles away?

When you’re an oddball like myself, the ladies you meet frequently don’t relate to you the way you’d like them to.  When you do meet someone who kicks ass, they’re usually already taken, given the small number of them that exist in the world at any given time (I think there’s a production limit or something).  And so comes the Internet and random chatting.  I’m not normally a big chatter online, but sometimes one thing or another draws me into a conversation with someone.

Recently, I started chatting with a lady who is about as close to my ideal mate as could possibly be without having a ton of money and wanting to take care of me while I write my great novel.  Of course, it didn’t take long for the revelation to set in.  Revelation one - thousands of miles away.  Revelation two - decidedly not single.  Ah yes, the story of my life replays in loops, so it seems.

So the question remains - does all this mass communication help us or hinder us when it comes to finding a significant someone and bringing them into our lives?  Does the wider availability and increased access give more options?  Does it encourage us to sit on our butts and not go outside because we have other ways of socializing now?  Is it just one giant tease, screwing with our heads until we rage and throw stuffed animals across the room (not based on actual events)?

Whatever the answer, the situation sucks.  The people you meet linger, regardless of the reality of the situation, and I frequently finding myself saying “What if…?” or comparing others that I meet in more conventional ways to said individual, which is a bit unfair, of course.  Perhaps one day we’ll be able to clone people and the worries of socially awkward geeks will be gone forever.  Meet someone who’s taken?  Clone them and get a copy for yourself!  Too far away?  Get a DNA sample and build one at the local corner liquor store and clone-o-mat!

It may never end up happening that way, but one can always hope.  In the meanwhile, I’ll drown my sorrows in video games and writing.