The sound of your own voice

The sound of your own voice

Why do people feel the need to tell the same damn story to absolutely everyone who will listen?

At the café where I do my writing there is a little group of folks that organize pretty much every day to hang out and chat.  Inevitably, the café ends up full and I find myself sitting nearby them.  Being one who likes to eavesdrop, I distract myself from work by listening to what they happen to be talking about that day.  One thing that I’ve noticed, and a phenomenon that is getting steadily more annoying as it goes on, is that one particular person seems to feel that he needs to relate the most interesting thing that happened to him that day to each and every person that sits down near him.

I understand the urge to tell a good story, especially if it’s something that was particularly interesting.  But please, save it up and tell people all at once.  Do you really need to go through the same babble of words five or six times within the course of a few hours?  Do you not think of the pain and mental stress that you put on the poor people that have to listen to that same tale every single time?

I began to think on this and realized that I’ve had friends that were very similar at times.  As opposed to being able to sit back and casually observe the “me me!” mentality as an impartial witness, when it’s one of your friends doing it and you have to endure their need for attention all day long, it takes a whole new turn.  You almost start to feel embarrassed for them, knowing that there is little else going on in their lives other than that one incident that they desperately cling to as their one and only conversation point.

I don’t know whether I’m in the right being mad or whether the appropriate response should be pity.  Either way, the whole affair is nerve-racking.  I think in the future I shall take to excusing myself to the bathroom whenever the record skipping begins.  Or maybe I should hire people to do unusual things in the presence of these people so that their day will be fuller.