Sexual harassment in my scene

Sexual harassment in my scene

When the scene gets bigger, the jerks start to filter in and screw it up.

It’s a problem that every growing trend has to face at one time or another - when the assholes start showing up.  For me personally, that involves the comic convention scene.  Now that movies like The Avengers and Iron Man are hugely popular, every two-bit geek wanna-be is trying to dress up in a tin-foil costume and head down to their local con. 

This means that the rest of us have to deal with new problems, or perhaps old problems that used to be diverted through strength of numbers.  One of the biggest issues happens to involve girls in sexy cosplay being harassed by men with small brains (usually located in their penises) and no ability to discern respectful human boundaries.

The women that have grown up as nerds and suffered persecution in many aspects of their lives go to conventions to get away from the problems of the real world.  They dress up in these costumes (yes, often sexy ones) to take on a different persona for a while. 

This makes them feel comfortable and sometimes even gives them the power to express their own sexuality.  Don’t misinterpret - this is not the only reason that girls cosplay, but it is one reason.  But regardless of whatever those reasons are, they certainly don’t need jerk-wads trying to grope them or making lewd comments.

If the convention scene is allowed to continue in this fashion, then the security of being among our fellow geeks will cease to hold the same meaning that it has for all these years.  It will become little more than a glorified frat party filled with idiots and the geeks who are too gullible to fight against the rising tide.  These pricks are ruining my scene and I’m mad as hell about it.

So if you happen to go to conventions, remember to have the backs of your fellow geeks, especially the ladies who are there portraying many of the characters you love.  If you see someone who is out of line, make sure to get in their face the make them aware that what they are doing is unacceptable and that people like them are not welcome in our space.  If we don’t defend our world, who will?