Online Dating

Online Dating

How come I always seem to attract the wierdest people possible?

Given that I’m primarily a shut-in sort of fellow, preferring the company of old movies and new video games to that of people in public drinking locations, I don’t date all that much.  One method to help counteract my lack of social activity has been to join an online dating service every now and again.  My roommates met online and have an amazing relationship, so I figured what the hell, maybe I’ll get lucky too, right?  As it turns out, I’ve had the worst luck imaginable.

While I haven’t had to worry about any stalkers trying to shadow me and stab my cat because I refused to go out with them, I have had my share of oddities.  My problem seem to stem less from the violently unstable elements of the dating world and more from those who seem to have strange concepts of what it means to meet and interact with someone.  I either end up attracting people who have nothing in common with me (despite the extensive dating profiles that are supposed to eliminate this issue) or those with an intensity that borders on psychotic.

As far as I remember (and mind you, it’s been a while) dating involves a certain amount of interaction, which involves talking about things is a fairly rational manner.  This is how you get to know someone, right?  Some people think that stepping on your opinions and telling you how “it really is” is the best way to get you to understand them.  Unfortunately for them, I understand all too well - they’re obnoxious.  And so I find myself running for the door as soon as I can manage it.

Another issue is in exchanging messages.  I realize I’m a tough match on most sites, so I don’t really expect too many responses.  But when you spam 100 messages and then end up with only crazy chicks that you didn’t even message interested in you, it’s kind of discouraging.  I’m beginning to wonder, is it just me?

Yes, it probably is.  I just have one of those word-based faces that attracts the manic and the desperate.  I often wonder if I look the same way from the other side.  Maybe I’m really the crazy person and the people I meet are perfectly normal!  If that’s the case, however, then I have lost all hope in humanity.  God knows I’ve already lost all hope in Internet dating.