Judgmental dog owners

Judgmental dog owners

People, chill.

 I recently adopted a dog, after going almost 15 years dogless. I'm surprised at how openly judgmental American dog owner culture has become. What a bunch of finger-wagging fussbudgets dog owners can be!

Of course, not everyone who owns a dog is a patronizing jerk. The same way that not everyone who has a child is a sanctimommy. But boy, do the exceptions stand out.

Last weekend I got chastised by someone at the park for having my dog ON a leash. This dude (who had clearly watched way too many episodes of The Dog Whisperer) informed me that it causes leash aggression. Well, that's not a problem that my dog has, but maybe you should put YOUR dog on a leash and walk the heck away from me. I might be coming down with a case of leash aggression, myself.

No matter what you feed your dog, how you train your dog, how you groom your dog, which toys you buy for your dog - to these people, it's all wrong. And they will swiftly inform you of your "mistake" in no uncertain terms.

Here's a tip for all judgmental dog owners: Stick to your own business!

It's particularly ironic because what we love most about dogs is their silent acceptance of us and all our flaws, and their complete lack of judgment.