End of the world hype

End of the world hype

For thousands of years, the end has been nigh and people have been freaking out about it.

For as long as I have lived on this planet, I can remember someone or another screaming that the end of the world was just around the corner.  There’s been the Y2K scare, numerous little generic religious folks with brainwashed congregations and the most recently, of course, was the whole Mayan calendar thing.  And, as always, we are still here after the 21st of December has come and gone.

When are people going to get tired of trying to predict the time when everyone will be dead?  Is there some sort of deep need within the hearts and souls of humanity to figure out the date of not only our own demise, but the demise of the rest of our fellow man?  Is there a kind of comfort that comes from knowing that your miserable life will be over soon and you won’t have to deal with all the crap that it feeds you?

Anyone who’s read a damn book knows that people have been claiming that everything is going to end since the beginning of recorded history.  They started with simple signs, such as a volcano making strange sounds or a particularly odd weather pattern.  Then it moved on to religious reasons.  God has it in for us and he’s just waiting for a chance to do us all in.  Now that science has taken root, we still get the crazies holding on to things from the past.  Seemingly, if it’s been around for at least a thousand years, it’s reliable by default!  Go Mayan calendar!  Go Biblical end times!

I don’t care if you’re religious and believe there’s supposed to be some all-consuming apocalypse.  Read the Bible and tell me that God wants you to sit around and wait to die.  Doesn’t he say something about men not knowing the mind of God?  How self-defeating is that?  If there is an end of the world, it’ll sneak up on you and you’ll never see it coming.  Just relax and do your stuff and stop freaking out.

One good thing does result from all this apocalyptic nonsense, however.  People come up with some pretty cool ideas for movies and books.  If we can make it destroy the world, there’s been an artistic project about it.  But please, keep the invisible monsters in Hollywood and stop dragging them through the streets like you actually know what you’re talking about.