Cheap pastor has Applebee’s worker fired

Cheap pastor has Applebee’s worker fired

Love thy neighbor… unless they call you out on being a cheapskate.

When you go to a restaurant and feel like being a cheapskate who doesn’t tip, fine.  Do what you will and screw the waiter or waitress that has to take it out of their paycheck.  If you can live with the guilt then it’s your right to be an evil, greedy bastard. 

And when you then try to drag religion into it, claiming that you give money to God and therefore have the right to ignore other human beings?  Well, then you’re being a hypocrite.  But I guess that’s within your rights as well, so more power to you.  What really takes the cake is when, after you’re called out on your self-serving, hypocritical ways, you take the matter in hand and have someone fired over it.  That is about an un-Christian as you can get, hurt feelings or otherwise.

That’s the case with a pastor who, instead of leaving a tip for her waitress, decided to leave a rude note saying “I give God 10 percent, why should you get 18?”  The waitress, probably well used to people stiffing her on tips, kept the receipt and posted it online.  Her intention, according to her, was not malicious.  She simply thought it was hilarious that someone would write something like that and then have the balls to sign it as “Pastor.”

And so the word got around and eventually the cheapskate pastor found out and contacted Applebee's.  After expressing her displeasure, the restaurant chain reacted by having the waitress fired.  Wow.  Way to go God and Corporate America tag-team combo.

If you’re going to claim that you’re doing the Lord’s work, you need to remember some very basic principles of the Bible.  One, be kind to your fellow human beings.  This means not being a rude bitch because you’re too cheap to tip.  Two, this also means turning the other cheek.  If you feel that you were insulted by someone, you do not go out and seek vengeance.  This is supposedly the time of Jesus, not the old fire-and-brimstone God that preferred to kill people when they pissed him off.

But most of all, don’t try to pretend you’re in the right when you’re obviously being a jerk.  I thank the gods (all of them) daily for the Internet and the fact that people like this are exposed.  No longer can the hypocrites hide behind anonymity and feel free to commit cruel acts one day and then preach the word of peace the next.